Bayern Munich Message On Jamhuri Day Melts Hearts Of Kenyan Fans

German’s top Bundesliga club Bayern Munich took to their social media accounts to wish Kenyans a happy Jamhuri day, something that melted the hearts of many Kenyan football lovers .

The fact that the club is thousands of Kilometres away with very few fans from Kenya, might be the reason why the top flying club is trying to make things look rather much closer.

Bayern Munich are set to move from round 16 of UCL is they beat Besiktas in February, all the best in their campaign!

It should be noted that many Kenyan football fans love English side league EPL which has huge support thrown behind top clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal FC , Chelsea and Liverpool.

Totenham which features Kenyan captain Victor Wanyama from England, has not gained much popularity and support in Kenya.

Today marked a very important day in history as many Kenyans rested from various work places to celebrate the date Kenya was declared a Republic (Jamhuri in Swahili) in December 12, 1963

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