Best Chrome Extensions To Be More Productive At Work

These are some of the best Chrome extensions to be more productive at work, a series of free extensions that we can install to have many of the most common tools in the day to day work, as well as some extras that allow us Save work automatically in case of accident.

There are many users who continue with “ analog ” tools to maximize productivity, but if you work with computers, although using a notebook for certain actions is great, why not use Chrome extensions to be more productive at work?

One of the best features of Google Chrome is the possibility of installing extensions of all kinds, both for entertainment and for social networks and the use of “ leisure ”, such as Kodi extensions. However, some of the ones I like the most are Chrome’s productivity extensions.

Black menu

Without a doubt, for me, Black Menu is the best Chrome extension for the job. It is an extension to which we must give access with our Gmail account and, thus, we get access to Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Photos, Analytics, Translate, Keep … and another series of tools in a single extension from Google itself

The interesting thing is that we can give access to the accounts we want and we have access to all our documents to the same extent.

It is one of the essential applications for work, and although there are some limitations (to use all the “ benefits ” of Gmail, for example, we must enter the corresponding application), it is one of the best extensions for work.

Of course, also for leisure, since we have YouTube, Books, Play … come on, all Google applications in a single extension.


Typio is another of the best Chrome extensions to work for. If you are working on Pages, Word or Google Docs, there is autosave every few seconds, but if you are doing something in an online text editor that has not been saved, or automatically saved, you can always use Typio.

It is an extension that saves the text, or HTML, that is in a text field. If the page is blocked by anything, there is a blue screen, the light goes out and we are on a desktop … there are the last entries saved in Typio. He has not saved me, and some other companion, from crashing the PC

Wunderlist New Tab

Many of you already know Wunderlist. In fact, it is one of the applications to be productive that we have recommended to make lists of tasks. However, in addition to having an app on your mobile, in Windows and in macOS, there is also an extension for Chrome.

What it does is add the task list of the different Wunderlist lists to the new window that we open in Chrome. From there, we can add tasks, but also cross out from the browser. So we save having to open the application every time we want to cross out something on the list, but also having it open all day, saving some RAM.

exLink Preview

exLink Preview is a very useful extension to be productive. If you do not have an especially large screen, or you work by opening many links, but all you have to do with them is to see some information from that link, and you do not have to interact with that new page, it is an ideal extension.

We install it, configure it and, now, when we move the mouse over a link, the ez icon will appear, we go over it and voila, the link is opened in a pop-up tab. As soon as we remove the mouse from there, the window disappears.

Save to Pocket

Finally, one of the best Chrome extensions to be more productive is Save to Pocket. It does just what it promises: we right click on the page we are visiting, or on a link, and select “ Save to Pocket ”.

It is like an agenda that allows us to access these saved links and pages at any time without having to add them to the list of bookmarks. Do you have to see a page later? Instead of adding it to bookmarks, you make a “ Save to Pocket ” and enter whenever you want.

These are five essential Chrome extensions for work that will make you more productive and, although they do not replace the notebook, they are a great addition.

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