How Best to Prepare for an Accounting Job Interview

The following are tips to guide you in the job interview preparation from the moment you receive that invitation call or mail, all through to the time you are ushered into the interview room.


1. What to research on

In our previous job interview tips, we addressed, though on general basis, the things to research on your recruiter as you prepare for the interview. Go back to this article if you need a quick reminder. In this post however, we focus on the specifics that an accounting job seeker should research about before the actual interview.

The obvious tip is that you need to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the accounting profession, at least the basic stuff. For instance, are you knowledgeable on the latest software that accountants use in their job? It goes without saying that you need to be aware of how to use QuickBooks, statement reconciliation techniques and so on. So refresh your mind upon such basics as you do your research about the job you are to interview for.

Where you are charged to work with the company’s management in analyzing costs of operations and products, you definitely need to arm yourself with keen understanding of the company’s inside information. Even as an internal auditor, you need to prove that you have conducted thorough research about a company.

Also, we can’t stress more on the importance of staying up to date with all the information about the company you are interviewing for. Use all the research tools you can lay your hands on to know about their location, their interviewing style, their organizational structure and so on. You also need to know the products and services they deal in, their competitors and the market share they command. Such information provides you with a basis of how to respond to the interview questions and what to ask your interviewer.

2. Rehearse interview questions specific to accountants

It is necessary to go through general interview questions to expect in an interview. However, it will be even more important if you focus on the technical aspects of being an accountant. What will employers need to know about your experience in accounting? What areas should you be well versed?

To learn more on the interview questions to expect in an Accountant job interview, read this article. . As you prepare for such questions therefore, think about the achievements you have accomplished in your previous positions and how they have directly or indirectly affected decisions in the companies you worked for.

3. What to carry to an accountant job interview

As an Accountant, your job is surrounded with a lot of calculations, some of which may unexpectedly come up during the interview. There is no question therefore about the need to carry mathematical devices, including a calculator. Bring a timer as well, one that is accurate in case you will be engaged in activities that include timing. You also might need a watch.

Most importantly, do not forget to carry all your documents in a neat, clear folder. Carrying that tattered or soiled A4 envelope denies the presentation mark from you in the interview room. Also, carry a notebook and pen in case you may require taking down points in the course of the interview.

4. Prepare to look the part

Accountants are always expected to maintain a professional look. Not that other professionals don’t demand this, but as an accountant you don’t show up at work in casual attire. A company’s photographer would do, depending on regulations specific to a company. So as you seek to work as an accountant in a company, it is best you show up in a fitting suit. Men can choose on anything black, dark blue, grey and such. Not a bright colour for a suit while ladies should go minimal on the makeup.

It is always important that as a job seeker, you invest in a nice suit for interviews. Make sure that you start thinking about what to put on the moment you receive the job interview invitation. Do not make it a last minute decision as you may settle on the worst option. Remember to brush your teeth before you leave for the interview and do not smoke at least on that day.

Where your CV has earned you a job interview invitation for an Accountant job, all you need is to prepare well for the interview so as to get the job. And when you get to the interview premises, tips in this article will guide you on the right things to do just before you are ushered into the interview room.



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