Betty Bayo- I Am Single And I Don’t Miss Pastor Kanyari

Gospel singer Betty Bayo in a recent interview with local media shade more light into her new life after divorce with controversial pastor Victor Kanyari.

Betty Bayo said that she was happy with her status of being single and never missed a moment with Pastor Kanyari.

“I don’t miss Kanyari. I am so occupied with life and enjoying the freedom of being single.”

Another moment of her life with Pastor Kanyari she revealed, noted that the viral pastor was partially supporting her two kids with him after what she termed as being ‘stingy’.

“We coordinate where it’s possible, he is a stingy man who only provides little for his children. I don’t think he is the kind of man you wake up and ask him for everything,” Betty noted.

Pastor Kanyari was exposed by Jicho Pevu investigative series, where he rehearsed testimonies and miracles with a section of his congregants before airing them live on a christian TV.

Kanyari and Betty Bayo announced divorce after the expose.

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