Boy-child Debate Rekindled After A Boys’ School Is Converted Into A Girls’ School

The debate over a boy child vs a girl child which was stared by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi gained a heavy weight today after it was discovered that a school belonging to boys in Nakuru county was made into a girls’school without even communicating the same to the affected students.

Greenland school

St Georges Greenland Senior Boys School sent a two weeks notice into the opening week, without giving the boys enough time to adjust, thus 60 boys were turned down today when they reported back to school, among them were 16 students who had registered for KCSE this year.

The main reason that led to conversion of the school is unruly nature of the boys, this is according to the school founder  Mr. George Gichimo .

The affected parents are now seeking the intervention of the Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangí.

There has been a strong ongoing campaign to save the boy child which is being hyped by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi who has a commanding of over 1 million Twitter Followers.

The campaign claim the girl child is being given voice at the expense of the boy child



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