Can You Be Productive If You Study In The Midnight?

The current academic life is full of demands. In fact, many young people must balance being in college and having a parallel job that allows them to subsist or simply gain experience in the labor market.

The reality is that the day has 24 hours, and between classes, working days and other extracurricular activities, it is essential to find a moment to study. But when?

Some students find in the night the perfect moment to have a bit of tranquility and attack the books.

However, this habit is often discouraged by experts, who say that at night our brain is tired, which drastically decreases our cognitive capacity.

In addition, for a logical reason, this habit is usually accompanied by stimulating beverages such as coffee, cola drinks or energizers, a factor that can later be affect our sleep cycle.

By losing our circadian rhythm, we greatly lose our ability to concentrate and retain knowledge.

In the first place, silence usually comes at night. For those who live with their families or other university colleagues, they assure that at night they find the only moment of solitude and tranquility in the day.

In addition, they tend to have much less distractions, and finally, there is the creative factor.

Some research suggests that during the night our creative capacity improves, leading many writers, musicians and artists to compose their works during the wee hours of the morning .



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