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Celebrities Who Celebrated Their Birthdays In The Month Of January 2018

In January 2018, many had birthdays but very few celebrated them.

We look at some of the amazing birthdays in the month of January 2018

Anerlisa-Muigai's party


As Keroche Breweries princes held her 30th birthday in Runda estate on Jan 29, all the who is who celebs were in attendance.

The all white birthday party was a buzz with top celebrities in town attending the venue.

From the look of things, it was Erick Omondi in-charge as an MC

Anerlisa Mungai who turned 30 years old had just gotten herself a new boyfriend and probably because of her age, she will settle down soon.

On another note, she is the founder of Nero Water company and the daughter of KBL Tabitha Karanja

Erick Omondi, Tabitha Karanja(her mum), Terryanne Chebet and Anne Kiguta

Anerlisa-Muigai's party

Janet Mbugua

Anerlisa-Muigai's party

Willy Paul

Anerlisa-Muigai's party

Betty Kyalo

Anerlisa-Muigai's party

Kaka Sungura

Anerlisa-Muigai's party

Sauti Sol band

Anerlisa-Muigai's party

Beatrice Elachi

Anerlisa-Muigai's party


Genius lover

This is the best relationship goal everyone would wish for, A genius girlfriend surprised her boyfriend when she rented out a cinema hall for him to play out FIFA with his close friends.

If you have a lover, identify what he or she loves, and invest in that during her or his special days such as birthday and valentine days.

These are the simplest thing which make love an everlasting feature




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