Celebs Who Were Pronounced Dead On Their Birthdays

Suppose you knew that you will die on one of your birthdays, but you didn’t know which one to be specific. My guess would be, you will invite families , relatives and preferred friends to each and every single of your birthday.

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But your guests will be more confused than yourself. How are they going to convince the rest that they attended a birthday of a person who was supposed to die on the same birthday?

To the victim, many would not give a second thought, they would say, I will stop imagining!

Over the past few years, cases of celebs dying on the same date they were born has become so prevalence. We look at some of the celebs who died just exactly on their birthdays

Avicii and Masogange

The death of Avicii aka Tim Bergling and Agnes Musogange came with bizarre resemblance and coincidence of incidents


Below are some of the strange incidents between the two late icons

  1. The two Icons were all aged 28 years of age on the date of their death
  2. Avicii and Agnes were born on the same date, September 8th 1989
  3. The two died on the same date, April 20th 2018
  4. Music icons died on the same day of the week they were born, Friday. Date of birth and Date of death fell on Friday
  5. They all worked in the same industry. Avicii was a music video mixer, or DJ while Agnes was a video vixen
  6. Don’t you think there names have a resemblance, they start with vowel of letter A
  7. They died in the afternoon of the day, Avicii from Sweden died on Friday afternoon while Agnes passed on at 4pm in Tanzania
  8. The two icons suffered dangerous terminal diseases before their death. Avicii had suffered from pancreatitis while Agnes succumbed to pneumonia and low blood pressure
  9. There death came as a shock, Agnes died after four days of treatment at Mama Ngoma Hospital in Dar es Salaam while Avicii was found dead
  10. The two maybe, were born at the same time of the clock, and who knows if the same would happen, that they get buried on the same time, date, month and of course the year.

Kaguta Hez

He was a Kenyan soldier who died while on the line of duty in Somalia.

Aka Hezbon Teyie, Kaguta Hez succumbed to injuries sustained when their truck run on a land mine.

He was later pronounced dead on his birthday.

He was born 32 years ago on 1st March, he got injured on 28th February 2018 and pronounced dead on 1st March 2018

Rest in Peace brother Kaguta Hez, you died in Somalia while defending the nation against external aggressors in the name…

Posted by Washington Fidel Otiato on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mowzey Radio

About 33 years ago, Mowzey was born on 1st January, and he passed on exactly on 2nd February.


Below are 10 facts about him while he was still alive.

  1. Radio (born Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo) also known as Mowzey Radio
  2. His best hits of all the time included Heart Attack, Sweet Lady,Jennifer, Bread and Butter and Can’t Let You Go
  3. He is also a relative to Jose Chameleone music star whom they worked together before
  4. Goodlyfe was formed after a disagreement between the former group members with Jose. Goodlyfe went successful
  5. He died at the age of 33 years old
  6. He was lucky to be born on the first day of the year in January 1985 on 1st
  7. He was born in Busoga area, Uganda
  8. He died on 01 February 2018, 6:00am Case clinic, Kampala Uganda
  9. He also studied at Uganda’s top varsity Makerere University
  10. He was one of the top Ugandan musician who was loved across the East African community



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