Computer Tutor Melts Hearts Of Social Media Users With His Skills

Owura Kwadwo computer teacher has won the hearts of many social media users.

The teacher who is believed to be a primary teacher, was pictured teaching Microsoft Word App in a unique way.

The teacher is clearly seen in need of Computer equipment but due to lack of funds, he has find an artistic way to communicate his ideas to the young learners who are also yearning for such equipment

Microsoft has been asked to step up and help the disadvantaged teacher

After studying visual arts, Owura Kwadwo decided to use her skills to teach the creation of a Word document by drawing a complete screen copy on the board for her students to learn from. “I’m doing it so that my students understand what I’m teaching,” he says. “At least to give a picture of what they’ll see assuming they were behind a computer.” His method seems to work well because children enjoy their classes a lot and are able to learn effectively. “I make sure they understand everything well before leaving class.”

“The government is useful and I believe in them, they are trying to improve ICT for teachers and students,” he said. While this can happen in big cities like Accra and Kumasi, progress is clearly slow in rural areas. “We need well-equipped infrastructure and teaching and learning aids, and a government that has education at heart.”

Since his publication became viral, Kwadwo has received donations for laptops and projectors, which is great news for kids and the school. Kwadwo is grateful for any help given to improve his students’ experience, and plans to help other schools in the area. “There are a lot of schools facing this same problem,” he told Bored Panda. “I can also help and give some of their gifts, so that they can also benefit from ICT education.”




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