Cross-dressing Kings – 10 Kenyan Male Celebs Beating Ladies In Their Own Game

Male celebs rocking female dresses is quickly gaining fame at a haste pace. As the saying goes, what a woman can do, men have already done it even better.

Even international celebs such as Kanye West, Fast and Furious main man Vin Diesel and Puff Daddy have led the way in bragging in full dress outfits

Kenyan male celebs, have also taken up the culture and are slowly stripping off female their endowed fashion outfits

Here is a list of Kenyan celebs who love rocking female dresses


Whether it is clout chasing or not, Bahati Kenya is stepping on tender toes of his career.

Downing a full make up kit like his wife Diana Marua may not settle down with some of his fans who are strong believers of manhood.

From the comments section, Bahati had a tough day and no doubt and regret a thought of regret ran through his mind.

Joji Baro






Erick Omondi



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