Customer Experience, 4 Secrets To Customer Loyalty

It is well known that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, but with the use of new technologies the loyalty of consumers is no longer assured when purchasing a product or service, the experience transcends and companies have been forced to diversify , integrate and track your offers in the offline and online world to create a permanent presence of your brands.

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It is currently estimated that 42% of the world’s population is active online, which implies their exposure to a large amount of information as well as their interaction with various companies that offer a variety of products and services, which are not always aligned to the preferences of the users, how is it possible that they manage to communicate in an automatic and predefined way with the brand that does offer them what they are looking for? This can be achieved via a constant “Customer Experience” work.

The Customer Experience involves keeping up to date on the motivations of the customers, their needs, desires and preferences to make decisions when developing products and services; Regarding this, Forrester assures that for 72% of the companies maintaining a continuous improvement in the shopping experience of their clients turns out to be their main priority, however, only 63% of the entrepreneurs prioritize the implementation of technological investments that help them achieve this goal.

However, there are several strategies that can help improve the customer experience, some of which are the following:

1.Integration of points of contact with the customer

Help to know first-hand the needs of customers and allow an analysis of their purchasing habits, as well as the effort they make to acquire a product or service (example, purchases on credit, in promotion, etc). Additionally, they provide the client with the certainty that the company is committed to their understanding of needs.

2.Product recommendation systems

Advanced analytics tools recognize affinities of products purchased, with products that are for sale to make recommendations to customers, when they have not thought about acquiring these products, but according to their preferences It is very likely that they cover your needs and tastes.

These recommendations can be made at the time of purchase (in online situations) or after purchase (in physical sites).

3.Promotional offers of articles

Using the previously mentioned tools, it is possible to understand what products are usually purchased as “package”, so that businessmen can go further and generate personalized promotions to increase their sales

4.Multi-channel segmentation

Directed and centralized strategies should be built in each channel to know in which the investment should be increased and in which the quality of a marketing strategy is worth more. No matter what the strategy is, it must always be implemented through the correct channels, at the right time and in the right place, so that they have the desired impact.


These are just some options that can help companies to be aware of the needs of their customers and will allow them to work on loyalty, because they love them with a good treatment, preferential service and predict their future needs and tastes, will facilitate that they recommend their products or services, ensuring the creation of a network of captive clients in both the online and offline worlds



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