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‘Dancing’ Mercedes Benz In Parking Bay Puzzle Nairobians

A bizarre incident has kicked storm on social media as Kenyans tried to solve a puzzle of a ‘dancing’ Mercedes Benz car.

The car which is said to have been parked in Next Gen mall parking area, is seen switched off but moving up and down in a swinging rhythmic motion.

The shocking phenomena goes on for more than one minute.

Not wanting to waste time, most of those who viewed the video were quick to judge that the car occupants were being engaged in sex related acts.

One of the most shocking accounts came about a decade ago, when a reporter from Standard Group wrote a controversial story about politician Martha Karua.

The journalist who was later fined millions by the complainant had wrote that ‘Iron Lady’ and her male friend had entered the car in a parking lot, before it began moving up and down in a similar manner



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