7 Ways To Deal With An Enemy At Work

The word “enemy” sounds a bit strong, but if we look for its meaning in the dictionary, we find this definition: “Person who has ill will to another and wishes or wrong.”

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Applied to the world of work, we could talk about a boss who makes your life impossible, to partner who appropriates as your ideas, who are you .

They are usually climbers who want to reach the top at all costs and cannot tolerate the success of the others, but they can enjoy the failures of others.

What can we do with this type of people? Depending on the type of “enemy” that is, you have to take one solution or another.

1.The aggressive

This type of enemy is characterized by demonstrating his anger with direct attacks in public: screams, insults and scenes where everyone finds out about the problem.

In this case, it is best to remain calm and respond with respect and dignity, so that your superiors and other colleagues notice that the aggressive behavior of your colleague is unconscionable.

2.The hypocrite

It is the typical character who is always smiling at everyone, but who criticizes you behind your back, trying to do the maximum possible damage to your work image.

It is recommended that you face him directly, without being aggressive, without losing the smile (using the same technique as him). He will feel bad when unmasked, since what he least wants is to be discovered.

3.The “toad”

This type of enemy is usually the silent companion that is sitting next to you. He is a character, who attacks when you make a mistake and then goes to tell the boss.

He is a competitive and selfish person, who sees you as a threat to his permanence in the company. To stop this situation, it is recommended to take utmost care with your professional development and avoid making mistakes and, at the same time, you must learn to ignore it.

4.Whoever seeks allies

This type of enemy is characterized by grouping with other comrades to attack you.

He is an individual who, through professional and personal criticism, seeks to make your life impossible, with his hints oriented in most cases to your personal life (especially attacks in the company cafeteria at lunchtime).

It is almost always possible to get rid of them by using those who mediate between you and the real aggressor.

5.The male

This type of character is characterized by discriminating through small actions and comments to partners of the opposite sex or even a religious, sexual or political tendency different from yours.

The best in this type of case is not paying attention to the comments made by this person, but if they continue, they can be reported.


6.The dominant

This type of enemy, because it feels he has power, either because it has more time in the company than you, or because it is above your hierarchical rank.

He usually attacks on the idea that he knows the dynamics of the company and tries to lower the self-esteem of his colleagues, implying that he does things better and that others do not have a good performance due to his less experience in the company .

In this case, it is recommended to remain calm and guide any type of criticism towards a teaching process, where (even if you do not think about it), your partner can show you the proper way to perform certain tasks. So ask him to teach you and take his aggressions as a way to learn.


7.The envious or frustrated

This type of enemy is characterized because I have criticized based on his frustrated experience and have a frequent envy for the successes of his companions.

He is a person who wants to excel in front of his superiors and will do whatever is in his power so that you do not achieve his goals, and all, simply because he could not achieve the goals he wanted. In this case, it is recommended to have minimal contact with this individual and take good care of personal belongings, jobs, messages, information, passwords and even your own ideas.

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