How To Delete Messages Sent By ‘Mistake’ On WhatsApp

One of the most expected functions for users who use WhatsApp every day is to be able to delete messages sent to a wrong chat or to delete something that we did not want to say but that we wrote to let the moment lead to the wrong person, All those cases, WhatsApp already worked in a function to solve this problem for several months, and today has been announced of official form.

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The only news we had until a few weeks ago were nothing more than rumors and promises that the company owned by Facebook would delete the messages sent as long as we do not take more than 5 minutes to do so after sending the message, Messages can now be deleted as long as they are within this time limit.

The only thing we have to do to undo the message in the case of iOS or Windows Phone is to leave the text pressed for the option to “undo”. We selected it and ready, we will get a notification that the message was canceled successfully, but … in the chat the other members will also see a legend that says that you canceled a message. They will not know what you deleted, but they will know that you have, so it looks like there could be even a lot more conflict than there was before.

In the case of Android, WhatsApp says that it will be the same process but the option will appear after pressing the menu button (or the three vertical dots) that will appear when selecting the message that we will cancel.

However, what we are still not sure about is what happens with the notification of the message on the phone, as for example in Telegram (which was already the option for some time) when we cancel a message no legend appears in the Chat that says we delete the message. But at first, the floating notification that came to the other user was not deleted, so you could still see the preview of the message from the notification as long as we did not erase it, but now every time you delete a message in Telegram, Clears the notification, which really allows no traces of the message you sent “by mistake” and that you deleted later. Because of this, it will be necessary to be careful to see how the notification of the message in WhastApp will work after having deleted the message in the chat.

Also, the popular messaging application informs us that we must be careful about what we write, because even with this option the other user can read our message before canceling it, take screenshot of it, or there is a possibility that the Message is not canceled correctly, although in the latter case you will receive a notification that the message was not successfully aborted, so we must be very careful that it is indeed removed from the chat and we get the notification of “message aborted correctly” .

The option is already available to users of WhatsApp, but as is customary in the application, is still being deployed, so to use both users should use the latest version of the application, and if you still do not appear you should expect a pair Of more days.

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