Dennis Okari’s Advice For Couples Who Want To Stay Longer In Marriage

They say that you can be taught from experience or you can as well learn from the same person who has come though that experience.


This is a love statement, for those who know what I am saying, just like Dennis Okari did.

After wedding his fellow Betty Kyalo, their love never saw many mothns rather than the few honeymoons. Now Dennis is no longer a married man neither is Betty

But he has now spoken for the first time since the break up.

Read his advise below

“Things don’t just happen, they are made to happen. Approach life with a tactical strategy. Don’t just set a goal for your life but have a plan towards that goal. Strategy is the rough road that will take you to that ultimate goal. You get it right sometimes and wrong most times but keep going because eventually you will get there. #BeMotivated #BeInspired #BeEpic #BeYourself #GodCallsYouOut #COMINGSOON”


“The foundational truth of Genesis is “Divine Order”. What God set out to do was introduce order where there was darkness, emptiness & chaos. What Satan set out to do in Genesis is to disrupt that order.
He is still doing it today.

When the order of anything is interrupted, there is chaos and confusion.
The divine order of God was to have YOU run the affairs of earth. He has given YOU the authority.
When you walk with God, your walk will be different, your language will be different and you could be misunderstood but keep walking. You were born to be peculiar, not ordinary. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by God.”

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