Diamond Regrets Not Using Protection When He Slept With Hamisa Mobeto

Divorced Diamond Platnumz has opened up his silence on marriage by offering his male fans on how to ‘cheat’ in the modern day.

Diamond who was speaking to a  local channel, admitted that he regretted cheating on his wife Zari Hassan.

He however he stressed to his male fans the need of using condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies or contracting of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

He questioned himself and felt to have been irresponsible when he did not use protection with his ex Hamisa Mobeto.

“I should tell some of my friends watching me that no matter whether you have a wife or you just have a girlfriend, or you have a side chick, make sure at least you use a condom so that it can protect you,” Diamond said in the interview.

Tanzania’s music star’s words came in just after his ex wife Zari who is now in South Africa said that she was more offended from the fact that Diamond was sleeping with other women without use of condoms, this would have prevented unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

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