Difference Between Cover And Motivational Letter

What is the clear cut difference between COVER letter or MOTIVATION letter?
And besides that, Which one do YOU need?

Here is a difference in regards to your needs between the two closely related career letter.

Motivational Letter

A MOTIVATION letter is used when:

  1. Applying to a college or university, as an undergrad, a grad or a postgrad.
  2. When applying for an internship.
  3. When applying for a non-profit role.
  4. When applying for a volunteer role.
    It should include:
  5. Introduction-
    Personal contact details.
    What you are applying for.
    Why you are applying for it.
  6. Body of the letter-
    The story behind your achievements.
    Quantifiable metrics to give evidence to your achievements.
  7. Conclusion-
    What your plans are AFTER this next stage in your studies/career.
    A thank you to the reader for time and consideration.
    Length: 1 page as attachment OR
    400 words as the body of an email.
    A COVER letter is used when:
  8. You apply for a corporate/public sector position, even at entry level, excluding non-profit.
    Its MAIN function is to match your core Competencies and Achievements to the role requirements.
    I have discussed cover letters with you many times.
    The link to my latest COVER LETTER post is in the comments BELOW.
    Whatever you apply for, always go the extra mile.
    Don’t be average; be proud of WHO you are and WHAT you do and…
    Showcase it!

Regards to Unknown Author

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