Do You Have Doubts About What Surrounds You? Capture It With The Camera And Google Lens Will Give You The Answer

Stop thinking. You go down the street and you notice a dog of what you do not know exactly the race or a building that as much as you see it you do not remember who its architect is (you do not even remember the name).

Rather than stopping someone to ask or make an endless description in an Internet search engine that matches what you’re really looking for, Google proposes that you capture it with the camera. Thanks to its application, Google Lens will detect what we are asking you and give you immediate information about what you have in front of you.

And not only that. Fashion lovers who go shopping from store to store, but you need to know what is made of a suit that is in storefront, or you want to compare the price in store with the one that is handled on the Internet.

With this application, you just have to point to the product and it will tell you everything you want to know, where to buy it cheaper or if it really is a 100% legal product (do not sell copies).

This is another one of the many questions and doubts that you can solve of the world that surrounds you without scarcely losing time in describing it on the Internet.

The idea of ​​Google is to lose as much time as possible in solving the doubts that hover in your head. This feature will be already added in the mobile cameras of LGE, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony Mobile, HMD / Nokia, Transsion, TCL, OnePlus, BQ, Asus, and of course, Google Pixel (which already offers since last year).

But let’s highlight more examples: imagine you’re in a restaurant and there’s an endless menu of dishes that you just cannot imagine what it is.

Thanks to Google Lens, you will be able to detect the text and you will be able to click on the different links that appear and that will take you to the type of food for which you are asking.

So, its has not only recognized shapes and objects, but also ends up reading text and giving it to meaning (a great way of not being afraid of what to ask for in a local restaurant in the middle of Beijing).

Ready to solve more questions? Hard competition for us, who are the ones who try to make sense of the curiosities that surround us.

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