Should You Downgrade Your CV To Meet The Maximum Requirement Of A Job Interview ?

Should you lower your CV, so that you do not look overqualified for the job that has been advertised?

This is such a question that has been hanging in the minds of job applicants for a long time with the dilemma getting no or unsatisfied answers.

Say you have seen a job that requires a qualification of a form four certificate or rather KCSE certificate, but you have got masters at your back yet unemployed.

Would you just say you have a KCSE certificate or go ahead and unleash the potential of your CV?

This was much evident during last years Tuskys Internship Program recruitment, where they had 22 applicants being masters holders while over 1000 being degree holders, yet the program had asked for form 4 leavers.

Well there are two options to do when you apply for this job, either lower your CV to the required standards or just apply as it is.

When you apply the job as it is, there are several outcomes involved, you stand a high chance of passing the interview if they are looking at the best candidate in regards to educational qualities.

But on contrary, you stand also a high chance of losing the job due to your over qualification status.

First would be your salary demands, someone who is more educated demands a higher pay, second is if one of the panelists is a high ranking employee in the organisation and is less educated than you, they feel shaken cause of losing some of their duties to you. They would easily thrash your CV to the back burner.

The best answer to the dilemma is to access the situation and make your best decision based on your findings




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