EABL Employees Drunk 58 Million On Alcohol Allowance Benefit

East African Breweries (EABL) latest annual report indicates that each employee enjoyed sh.36,000 for boozing as part of their workers allowance for the last one year.

The report showed that the amount was dished out in alcohol brands valued at sh.3000 per month and totaling to sh.58 million for the whole year.

“All employees are eligible to receive a discretionary choice from a select product range to enable them to experience the company brands first hand,” EABL said in the report adding that it was not a contractual benefit.

“The value of the products is Sh3,000 per month. There is no cash alternative to product allowance and it is not a contractual benefit.”

According to the report again, the 1,600 workers were not taxed since their allowance benefit did not exceed KRA’s minimum nontaxable allowance benefit.

EABL is famous for alcohol brands such as Tusker, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Serengeti among other varieties.

EABL is among the many firms in Kenya which award their employees with lucrative allowances such as bonuses, loans and membership opportunitIES in order to retain them.

“The EABL reward system seeks to recognise the contribution its employees make towards the success of the company while reflecting not only the value of the roles they perform but also the level to which they perform them,” the brewer said in the report.

EABL chief executive Andrew Cowan stashed home sh.171 million for their year which ended in June 2018.

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