NASA’s New Space Suit Mimics Movies And Series Models

As part of the program, the “Commercial Crew Program”, NASA’s initiative to allow the aerospace industry to participate in the space travel business and research and to “actively develop ships, suits and different processes to improve the space race” The company of Elon Musk, SpaceX has presented its official space suit.

Through its Instagram account, Elon Musk, Ceo of SpaceX presented the first image of the space suit developed by his company, which represents perfectly the arrival of a new space age, something that SpaceX and Blue Origin (rival company of Jeff Bezos) are very interested in being able to develop.

In the image you can see a suit that was only conceivable in sci-fi series and movies, which Musk explains, is totally real and functional, which represents a great achievement, since the design of a space suit that is attractive and Another that is totally safe are very simple things but combining both aspects in a single design that is something really complicated.

Resuming the design of the suit, SpaceX did not skimp on expenses, hiring Jose Fernandez, renowned designer and sculptor in the Hollywood industry to work together allowing the suit to have a great appearance alongside functionality.

For those who do not locate José Fernández, he has worked in different films where he has developed different costumes and elements such as the Batman saga of Tim Burton, Men in Black, Bicentennial Man, X-Men, Tron and recently for different films Marvel movies like Thor, The Avengers, Captain America and Black Panther, among many more.

Adding to this, Elon declares that the image of the suit is completely real and has already been tested by subjecting it to double atmospheric pressure in the void, in addition to mentioning that in the following days there will be more news – and surely images – complementary to the suit and The different developments in which SpaceX has been working.



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