Embakasi Woman Who Stopped GSU Using Bible Verses

Unknown woman, stood out of the crowd that was chased away from Jakaranda ground by police officers.

The Embakasi woman, from Nairobi county is seen in a video struggling with the anti-riot police officers.

While police clobbered her mercilessly with clubs, she stood firm, only rehearsing and citing bible verses as crowds scattered in the nearby routes and hideouts.

The woman has worn the hearts of many Kenyans.

From the incident, atleast more than 3 people were reported dead, among them a seven year old boy  Geoffrey Mutinda who was on their house balcony.

NASA leaders led by Raila Odinga had planned a parallel rally to Uhuru Kenyatta swearing in ceremony in Kasarani which was meant to eulogize all of the Kenyans who had died from police brutality.

The meeting was however set ahead to 12th December 2017 where even Raila Odinga has declared his swearing in ceremony.



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