Ex-Presidential Aspirant Announces Her Bid To Get A Husband

Former 2013 presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu yesterday traveled to Homabay County , but from her account, it looks like she is hunting men instead of votes.

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Kingwa Kamencu landed in Homabay town and announced it on social media that men within that town were free to have a date with her, but not all men, just a luck man among the rest.

“Just gotten to Homa Bay. If by Friday I have not found a husband, I will drown myself in the lake,’ she said it on social media.

She went ahead to write a script for a man who doesn’t have poetic pick up lines, making it even easy for an amateur seducer

“Gonna sleep with the door and window of my hotel room wide open tonight (I’m on the ground floor). A handsome man might pass by and then enter the room by mistake. And then in the morning we’ll wake up, stare into each others eyes and discover that we’ve found True Love,”

Her theatrics just went off when it dawn on the following day

“There are three handsome men seated across from me where I’m taking breakfast. I would like to greet them but i am shy. I will take off my clothes so that hopefully they can greet me instead.”

Kigwa Kamencu is a well renown and published novelist

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