Facebook Plans To Retouch Your Closed Eyes With A Minor ‘Operation’

You are going to take the picture of your life with a celeb and there is only one opportunity, you arrived at the most famous celeb monument of a city after a huge queue and you only managed to make a couple of photos, and when you want to review what you had in the image, horror!

You had just closed your eyes, you had blinked at the worst moment of all.

But Facebook wants to take away your grief and is already working on an image retouching program capable of returning your lost look and making your face come back to what it was. But is it really necessary to invest so many hours of work in a project like this?

Nowadays, the applications that we have in the mobile already allow us to introduce beauty filter that makes us thinner, with softer complexion, with a more intense look and even a “provident” smile that can dazzle anyone. But with this new tool, Mark Zuckerberg’s company seeks to go beyond doing transplant to the “Frankenstein” to solve it (you know, problems of the First World).

So far, there are companies that have tried, but the Artificial Intelligence that carried it out as eyes that were not of the person (with results that put goosebumps).

What Facebook wants to do is use the thousands of images we have shared on your network or on Instagram (to even that we can have on your mobile, if we give Facebook access to that) to restore that closed look with your real eyes. A painless operation, with a result that seems more than correct.

The idea is that the program take as reference previous images and know which is the look that can best stay according to the light and the pose that you are putting in that moment.

In this way, the result is much closer to the person and not to version of you with a transplant of eyes that do not agree with you.

The program is not entirely perfect and they want to continue perfecting it, because if, for example, there is hair that obscures part of the eye (as a kind of shadow), Artificial Intelligence is not able to accurately recreate the user’s eye or It may happen that the color of the eye changes.

We understand that this program can be useful if more people appear in the image and everyone is perfect except you, or if it is the photo of your life, but in case there is enough time to do it



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