Why Do We Feel Like Rushing For Short Call Before Interview Tests ?

It’s an unpleasant situation, we’re not going to deny it, especially when you’re about to do a test, a job interview or you’re … nervous. Basically, that’s the feeling we all have when our bladder tells the brain to open gates and you, you can not go to the bathroom at that time. Drama! But why does it happen?

Let’s see, when you are calm and nothing worries you, the bladder is relaxed as it gradually fills with urine coming from the kidneys, until it reaches about half a liter. Meanwhile, the external sphincter of the same is closed in a hermetic way so that the urine does not escape. The moment the muscle sac is full, it sends a signal through the spine to the brain to say “Okay, it’s complete. Go to the bathroom”. It is then, when the external sphincter relaxes and you can let the flow of urine out.

Although there is no single cause for this to occur, there are two theories that could explain it.

According to University of California urologist Dr. Tom Chi, “When you feel anxious or very nervous, your body may react in ‘fight-flight mode’, which would cause our kidneys to increase urine output and that will do that you want to piss more. ”

Another doctor, in this case Dr. Alan Wein, points out that “under tension, the central nervous system is activated to function at a higher level of sensitivity, which could mean that our body needs less to activate the reflex in order to pee” .

Another idea that Chi points out is that “when someone is nervous, their muscles tighten, including those in the bladder, which could cause the wrong signal to be pissed off.” Therefore, experts point out that the best solution at the moment is to seek distraction and do exercises that can relax the mind and muscles.



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