Former Makadara Aspirant MP Momanyi Turns To A Posh Lifestyle After Defeat

Robert Momanyi would have been surely the next ‘Sonko’ to replace governor Mike Sonko. But as fete may have it, he ended up losing the seat.

Robert Momanyi

But the Nairobi citizen has turned the city under a scorching sun to be his safe heaven.

While you looking for money to spend, he is looking for what to spent with his money.

Apart from being spotted with large stacks of money, expensive ornaments and deluxe sports car, the rich young lad does not drive to cities in Kenya, he just flies.

Here are some of the pictures of his dream come true life.

He has money, that is why he was looking for power. The two will sure corrupt him if at all the saying is correct


Robert Momanyi

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