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Giving Modeling A Tender Entrepreneurship Touch

Ability will take you to the top, but it takes character to maintain you up there. I was busy thinking about this quote when the story I saw in one of the blogs crisscrossed my mind.


That site had tagged it as an entertainment story, but after reading it thoroughly, I discovered that it was also connected to business and entrepreneurship hence decided to share it here at Inversk. It’s a story of one lady who defied everything to achieve it.

We all know that success is never a destination, it’s a journey and if you are determined to make it in life, you will have your way regardless of whom you are. This is an inspiring story of one Ms Wambui Mureithi, a final year student at Kenya Utalii College pursuing Travel and Tourism Management. Ms Wambui has already achieved a lot at only 20 years of age. Passion, Dedication and commitment have steered her to the top.

Within this short period, she already has several credits and titles in her name , and still her desire is to achieve even more success, she is on an unshakable journey to a legacy of her own making. It goes without doubt that she the next big thing business wise as her journey to the top is nothing much but entrepreneurship.
Ms Wambui Mureithi was crowned Miss Kirinyaga County in 2013 at a very young age, since then she has never looked back, as this was a sign of great things to come. She later founded the ‘NIKO SOBER CAMPAIGN’; an initiative whose aim is to educate and sensitize the local communities on the effects of consuming illicit brews.

Having felt the plea of the neglected boy child, in 2013 and 2014, she did a lot of work focusing on the troubles of the masculine gender. She explains the negligence and the assumption that the boy child does not need help has over the years led to many untamable repercussions. She thus felt the need to have campaign that advocate for such matters by mostly visiting schools and giving motivational talks.
Ms Wambui’s Passion, self-drive and compassion for her own community further drove her to engage in Tourism awareness and promotional programs specifically for Kirinyaga County, encouraging and pushing for domestic tourism with the slogan ‘CEERA KIRINYAGA’, which  means ‘-VISIT KIRINYAGA’.

In her interview with BBC Africa in 2015, she caught the attention of Miss United Continents in Ecuador and got an invitation to be Kenya’s first representative in Ecuador. She made Kenya proud by returning home with a Miss United Continents Africa title.
That would not be the limit of her dreams as she went on to creates an awareness campaign to promote responsible tourism. Traveling far and wide to educate people on the importance of tourism and encouraged many Kenyans to promote tourism and be proud of this country.
She currently works with several NGOs and children’s homes, such as the Mtwapa Green Olives Children’s home where most children living there are a product of the prostitution, thriving among the local girls and foreign men.

She owns a Tour & Travel Company called CEERA TOURS that deals with local packages and hotel bookings, Events and conferences. She is also planning to launch her own bikini line before the year ends. This is one of the most inspiring stories of young people making a difference out there; it should be a wakeup call to many youths. You don’t need to look for a job if you can create one, If Wambui mureithi did it, you can do it too.

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