Google Will Delete Some Of Your Favorite Play Store App

One of the most common problems in the Google application store is clones or application plagiarizers, developers who take copies of popular games or applications to publish as their own, a situation that affects the creators of the original idea and is a A case that is constantly repeated in Android.

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The problem is so great that even Nintendo decided not to launch Super Mario Run for Android at the same time as iOS due to the clones and piracy that you can find here, but fortunately Google has taken letters in the matter and will begin to be harder with the Developers.

One of the things that have been criticized to Google is the fact of not doing a more exhaustive review of the applications that are published in his store, contrary to the processes that Apple follows and that thanks to this has reduced to minimum levels the Apps clones or pirates.

Now Google has implemented an algorithm that reviews each new application that has a request for publication in the Play Store, and if it has a lot of similarity with other applications will go to perform a manual review and comprehensive by a human who ultimately will decide if said application Does not violate the impersonation rule.

This is a great step to start avoiding encountering pirated applications, and above all they support developers who have worked hard to work on an original idea. Little by little we see as Google begins to work on the slopes within Android in support of developers like blocking applications on phones with Root and Verifying impersonation.



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