Hilarious Photos Of People Failing At Technology

With the rise and rise of technology, many have been caught off guard with the new daily updates.

We compile a list of people who seemed to be behind the technology when it mattered most

Moms and browsers

How moms and dads open thousands of tabs while browsing

When your cable clip is broken

Screen protector

This person used the protective film and threw away the actual screen guard


She’s zooming the phone to see clearly

Braided network cable

How moms save photos

What sort of keyboard is this


When your mom doesn’t know how to take a screenshot

QR scanner

This man printed his phone to use a voucher

Ads Blocker

This person uses this to block ads

Cry for help

This person put a heater next to the pc and it melted.. It’s literally screaming

Infinix tabs

Chopping pad

When grandma thinks the IPad is a cutting board

Another way to transfer pictures

This person tried to print a video

This person screwed a TV into the wall

Another way to screen record

Cutting through the laptop

Mac doesn’t support Windows but it supports doors

Infinity power

This guy is using his phone’s flashlight to charge the solar panel to charge his phone

DJ Electrocution

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