How To Detect Toxic Employees And Avoid Their Hiring

They do not participate in the dynamics of the company, they seem intelligent but they cannot adapt, they have a bad attitude, and to top it off, they do not stop complaining.

These are the so-called “toxic employees”, people you hire because you think they are capable, but in the end they end up seriously harming the collective performance and productivity of the company.

All this can be avoided, but for that it is essential to know some tactics to detect them in the preliminary stages of a selection process.

To help you in this task, we present some keys to detect “toxic employees” before they are hired

They do not understand the concept of “organizational culture”

During the interview they will not worry about knowing what the values ​​of the company are, and if they consider that they can adapt to them. In general, they do not ask about the short and long-term objectives of the company.

They are selfish by others.

They seem to know a lot, they have a solid background but they are not willing to share their knowledge with others. They generally do not volunteer to help their peers.

They complain constantly

Complainers are easy enough to detect. At a first contact, you probably have some “complaint” about what happens during the interview. Or maybe make some cynical comment that seeks to pass as a joke.

His criticisms are destructive

The Feedback is essential for any team to work. However, there are constructive criticisms that seek to help grow and improve, and there are also those that are only mentioned to bring negativism or harm.

They have a superb attitude

To top it off, these people do not seem very humble. During the interview, they will probably show off their skills too much and will never show up as people who still have a lot to learn. They already think they know everything.



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