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Hungry Man Rescues Precious Ugali As County Askaris Demolish Illegal Business Structures

One man caught the eyes of many Nairobians when city county askaris stormed Kilimani area and demolished all the illegal structures.

As other small scale traders were rushing to save other valuables and looters running free with other valuables, the unidentified man went for his precious lunch dish, Ugali drawing the attention of many onlookers.

During the incident, more than 120 illegal traders were arrested and more than 100 illegal structures brought down.

Recently a sting operation has been on course across Nairobi county in bid for  the enforcement unit to get rid of mushrooming illegal structures in Nairobi.

The director of the enforcement unit Peter Mbaya said that the operation will go ahead across the 17 sub-counties under Nairobi county.

“We were dealing with the small structures. We wanted to arrest as many as possible and take them to court to act as a deterrent to others. We were enforcing all the illegalities. There were some who were dumping wastes, some cooking by the roadside while others were hawking,” said Mr Mbaya.

This hungry man reminds of famous Githeri man, who was captured enjoying his dish on August Election, he brought an ease to the tensed situation, earning him a presidential award among other free-bees.

Maybe time is ripe for another similar incident, keeping in mind with the 100 bob wedding and Bungoma James Bond



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