Ex Husband To Sonko’s Daughter Gets New Catch, Its Another Governor’s Daughter

Saumu Mbuvi Sonko and Ben Gatu were once couples who even sired one kid, moments after the two broke apart , Ben has already unveiled his new catch.

Benson Gatu

Ben is currently dating Rachael Wanja, the daughter of Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria. A year has not even folded since Saumu and Ben broke up.

Ben who is known as a windy business man, once tried to vie unsuccessfully for Mathioya Parliamentary seat in Murang’a, where he was defeated .

He wrote on his social media site.

“Life at times hands you lemons so you can appreciate the sweetness of the best tangerines when handed to you”

“Apparently, the best things don’t come with a menu and a price tag. But they would fetch crazy amounts on auction. My artefacts,” he wrote.


The two new loves have already gone for a family bonding and their wedding day might just lying somewhere in 2018.

Benson Gatu and Rachael Wanja

Benson Gatu




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