If Your Partner Has One Of These Jobs, Your Fiancée Will Cheat You For Sure

There are different types of infidelities. Some are a here-I-get-you-here-I-kill you, others are only virtual and others remain over time.

The latter are the worst, not only for the deceived but also for the unfaithful: they increase the chances that you will end up falling in love with your lover.

And where are lasting adulterous relationships forged? Yes, you are right, at work.

If your partner spends too much time in the office or attending to work matters, be suspicious. And do it even more if possible if your sweetheart works in the financial sector (bankers or stockbrokers), is a pilot, doctor or nurse.

A survey conducted by the Victoria Milan website, dedicated to married people seeking an affair, has found this after conducting a survey of 5,658 women.

Why have an adventure at work? Although it has its drawbacks, there are many people who have an affair with a business partner. Research revealed that two in three adulterous women (65%) have love affairs in the office as it makes their job more exciting and fun.

Work is also a very simple place to flirt, since it facilitates the emergence of attraction between people. Despite all this, the majority of the unfaithful (85%) would not recommend anyone to have an idyll in the job.

The worst thing about having a relationship with your partner? Having to see him every day, out of obligation, even if things have not gone well. There is also the danger of discovering the relationship, which worries one in five women (21%).

However, only 10% are concerned that the entire office will find out about their affair, as they believe that it would not affect their professional progression in the company at all.

In fact, the survey showed that we are more willing to live in the moment and enjoy life than concerned with advancing our careers.

The poll clearly shows that even though there is a risk of losing your job, having an affair at work makes life much more enjoyable for both parties.

Most infidels who choose not to mix business with pleasure do so because they have fear of being discovered by the rest, which would make them feel uncomfortable

If his age ends in ‘9’ he will be unfaithful to you

We already know that bankers, doctors and pilots are the most unfaithful. And that, in addition, their lovers are usually coworkers.

But there is one more fact: if your age of the aforementioned ends at ‘9’, the chances of being unfaithful increase exponentially, according to a recent study that is echoed by ‘Daily Mail’.

Thus, people who are 29, 39, 49 or 59 years old are more likely to cheat on their partners and make decisions than to change the course of their lives.

They change decades, which makes them rethink the discourse of their lives.

Study author Adam Alter of New York University says that “people audit the meaning of their lives as they approach a new decade.” Normally, these people tend to conclude that everything is going well for them or that, on the contrary, their lives are meaningless, which leads them to start an extramarital relationship.

The deceived always wins

If after reading this you have come to the conclusion that your partner is hitting you with another, you will like this. A recent study found that people who have been cheated have it better than those who have cheated, and of course, much more than those who have stayed with the unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend.

In addition, cuckold people tend to show a better ability to detect suspicious behavior, as noted in the survey of 5,906 participants in 96 countries.

If, despite all this, you decide to continue with your partner, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

  1. Would you like to continue with the other person if you managed to trust them again?
  2. Have you left anger and resentment behind and are you ready? to move forward?
  3. Is there a positive attitude of the other?
  4. Can you imagine being happy with him or her?
  5. And can you forgive what happened?
  6. The last one is the key. If you are able to forgive, really go ahead.

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