Incredible Benefits Bald Men Enjoy

For many centuries, men have suffered baldness as a pious curse. Many of the famous characters in our history suffered alopecia. Julius Caesar, for example, hid the baldness under a crown of laurels.

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But not everything is going to be drama. Baldness also implies a series of virtues that are not visible to the naked eye.

The first is endocrine: alopecia is associated with an abundant production of testosterone and, therefore, virility.

The bald men are, in general, more manly, dominant and fiery than the others. This abundant production of testosterone is called THD, which causes the hair “terminal” of the head of man to become soft “hair” like the head of a child.

Another advantage is the economic savings, since there is no cost in shampoo or hairdressers. And let’s not forget life as a couple, and that is that a “bald” will not surprise you with risky changes of look. Scares you save!



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