Innovators Rescue Moulding Culture With Clay Electronic Sound Systems

An interesting product is being launched in the world. It is a speaker who seeks to rescue the moulding culture through new technologies.

The equipment is a high fidelity sound system that has been made in clay pots from the town of Nacimiento, located in the BiobĂ­o region of Chile.

The system mixes ancestral craft techniques with electronics and sound amplification.

The acoustics was developed by German engineers and its manufacture is in charge of master craftsmen from the south of Chile.

The developers said that they use local materials generating a binding impact with the pottery trade

We dream of an artisanal re-evolution that returns protagonism to traditional techniques in an increasingly industrialized world. We want to create unique and innovative speakers that are deeply linked to the materials and aesthetics of their places of origin, supporting their identity and history.

The project has already chosen as the Pyme 2017 Award, in the Innovation category and it has alsoe received awards in Spain, Germany and Italy.

Likewise, it has just been put on sale.

“They are unique pieces, numbered and sound incredible, a project of Chilean brains that reinvented an ancient craft tradition with high fidelity technology,” they added on their Instagram account.

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