Interesting Memes And Funny Photos From Corona Virus Pandemic Making Internet Less Boring

The virus which was first reported in China’s Wuhan in 2019 December has no doubt spread across the world living behind a trail of deaths, sufferings and business losses in businesses.

The virus is now quickly spreading in Kenya, however has made Kenyan internet less boring with funny photos and memes.

Despite the fact that the virus is deadly and has already claimed lives in Kenya and more than 10,000 across the world, Kenyans on social media can still afford to laugh.

Here are some of the funny moments we compiled for your today.

Instagram homes

Ballistic to Vaccine

Don’t rain on me

Beating police

Spanish Flu to COVID-19

Midnight curfew

COVID-19 Romance

Sonko COVID Drama

Marriage Deadline


If Baby Face was a person

New models at Home Stay Challenge

Ballistic Missiles

Bob and Lucky Mystery

Comrades Tialala

Stivo Simpe Boy Ruling King Kaka


COVID-19 Intellects

Corona vs Pastor Ngángá

COVID Innovators

COVID-19 Wife

Pandemic government

Billionaires Club

Lock-down Hangover

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