Internship Opportunities In Marsabit County

The County Public Service Board of Marsabit Internship Programme is a Government initiative designed to offer the opportunity for college graduates to acquire and develop valuable technical and professional skills while gaining work experience.

The programme is also aimed at inculcating in the interns such qualities as would make them patriotic, upright and honest citizens.

The County Public Service Board of Marsabit invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill three hundred and forty-nine (349) internship posts within the county Departments.

The interns will be deployed to County Government offices or facilities across all the sub Counties and/or wards

1. Nurses Interns, 60 posts

2.Nutritionists Interns, 9 posts

3.Youth & Sports Development Officers Interns, 65 posts

4.Early Childhood Development Education Interns, 117 posts

5.VTC Instructor (Electrical) Intern

6.Water Technician Interns, 8 posts

7.Assistant Water Engineer Interns, 7 posts

8.: Health Record Information management Intern, 

9.Medical Laboratory Technicians/Technologist Interns, 18 posts

10.Public Health Technician Intern,

11. Civil Engineers Interns, 3 posts

12.Water Plumber Intern

13.Environmental Conservationist Interns, 7 posts

14. Animal Health Officers Interns, 8 posts

15. Agricultural Extension Officers Interns, 14 posts

16. Community Health Assistant Interns, 20 posts

17. ECDE (Special needs Education) Interns, 3 posts

18. Community Oral Health Officer Intern

19.Clinical Officers Intern, 5 posts

20. Plant Operator Interns, 2 posts

21. Land Surveyor Intern

22.Environmental/Urban Planner/GIS Interns, 3 post

23.Economist/statistician Intern

24.Artisan (Electrical) Intern

25.ICT Interns, 10 posts

26. Veterinary/Animal health officers Interns, 3 posts

27.Social Welfare Service Intern

28.Human Resource Officer (Payroll) Intern

29. Librarian Intern

30. Curriculum Support Officers Interns, 34 posts

31.Ship/Vessel Crew Interns, 2 posts

Details below 

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