Iphone Secrets: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Apple

Much of the population of Kenya and the world has a passion for the iPhone. Unfortunately, the powerful device is more successful for status than functionality. You probably don’t know the biggest secrets of the Android competitor and it will end right now. Check out the 7 biggest iPhone tricks!

1- Level tool

You know that tool that has a bubble in the water and serves to level frames and furniture, for example? The iPhone comes standard and is very useful! Within the Compasso app, you will find the Leveling Square tool. 

2. Transform into a speaker

With the iPhone, you don’t need an extra speaker. You can increase the volume of the device so much that you can listen to the music from several meters away, peacefully. Just access the settings, click on “Music” and find “EQ”. The most powerful equalization options are “Late Night” or “Lodness”. Try it!

3. Total photo privacy

Everyone has a photo that cannot be seen, either their own or one they received via WhatsApp. So you are usually afraid to show something to someone and they end up seeing your banned photos…

To solve this, with the iPhone it’s simple! Click on the media and hold for a while. When opening the options menu, select “hide” and that’s it, your problems are over!

4. Search for photos

On the other hand, what if the photo “disappeared”? It may be that you have so many photos that you can’t find a specific one… If that happens, click on the magnifying glass in the top corner and describe your photo in keywords. You didn’t know, but the iPhone recognizes the main images in the form of words. Try “beach”, “dog” or even a name like “Maria”.

5. Adjust the Siri virtual assistant

If your Siri has a strange pronunciation that bothers you or even prevents you from taking the right actions, you can “fix it”. Just warn her: “Siri, you pronounced the name wrong” and she will list a series of options for you to choose the best pronunciation, adjusting the assistant automatically.

6. Flight tracking

The iPhone accurately searches for schedules and other information for any flight. If you are a professional traveler, you can type in the flight information in Apple’s official browser, Safari, or even click on a message that contains flight data

7. Automatic undo and redo

Just shake your iPhone to erase something that was typed wrong or undo an action, such as deleting media. If there is regret, swing again to redo the undone action.

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