Is It Possible To Dismiss A Worker For Leaving The Work Group On Whatsapp?

The redundancies related behaviors in social networks are becoming more common and is not always easy to understand how far we can go, the tone of the conversation or the allowed actions.

Is it possible, for example, to dismiss a worker for leaving a WhatsApp group? The answer is simple, but common sense must prevail: an employee is not obliged to participate in this type of group, unless this condition has been agreed in the employment contract between the two parties.

That is why you have the right to leave the conversation and cannot be dismissed for cause, although the attitude can be misinterpreted and considered inelegant.

What’s more, if the employee continues to work outside working hours by responding to bosses’ requests via WhatsApp, he can claim overtime and demand the right to overtime pay.

Either way, understanding is the best way and there may be an informal agreement between the worker and the bosses for the use of WhatsApp working groups. In this context, it is very important that the superior is moderated and the employee is careful that the communication is professional.

Do you know how to use WhatsApp to work?

Adriana Prates, founder of Dasein Executive Search, believes that it is best to always use the law 70, 20, 10. “70% of matters must be professional; 20% institutional, with themes relevant to the company’s business, constructive and instructive links. The other 10% can be used on light, informal and fun subjects, but never on controversial topics, such as politics, football and religion ”.

In professional WhatsApp groups, you should also avoid using abbreviations in words, which can make speech confusing. Emojis that can transmit too informal communication to the corporate environment can also be misinterpreted. If in doubt, avoid it.

Never be indiscreet in written virtual communication

There are issues that must be dealt with in person, such as a request for an increase, job dissatisfaction or even a request for time off.

Please note that you should not use your company’s mobile phone or computer to store personal files and how much the company’s social networks are for the exclusive use of the purpose for which they are intended.

It should never be “politically incorrect” or speak ill of colleagues or superiors. This attitude, unlike leaving the group, can be punished in court. Lawyers point out that evidence is easily reproduced if moral offenses happen via social media or chat. The same premise is applied when the boss mistreats an employee through written communication.

It is also important that the employee has the correct posture when we are talking about communication with management. Objectivity is an asset. Do not forget that people are normally busy and that is why you should not “flourish” the speech. The English expression “straith to the point” illustrates well how to deal with work issues on WhatsApp.

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