Job Interview: How To Talk About Your Greatest Weakness

While some of the myths surrounding job interviews are not exactly true, there are  uncomfortable and intimidating situations.

There are certain questions and requests that recruiters love to make, but the interviewees do not enjoy anything. For example, “why should we choose you?” Or “talk a little about yourself.”

Another question that is often difficult to answer is “what is your greatest weakness?” . The problem is that while the interviewer is looking for you to mention your limitations, your instinct tells you to hide them.

 What you should do in this case is to formulate a sincere answer, but that also contains a positive element.

Here are some tips to give the best answer:

Do not show that you are unable to handle the pressure. Stress, deadlines and problems will be presented in all jobs and you will have to face it.

Try to mention skills related to work. For example, if you say you have a weakness for chocolate, you will look unprofessional and recruiters will not take the interview seriously.

Avoid belittling your abilities and being too modest. Remember that this question is designed to assess your self-awareness and analytical skills, therefore, giving a response that holds confidence

The key is to show that, although you may have had problems in the past, you have managed to combat them.

 For example, “I used to feel very anxious and anxious before a deadline, but after taking a meditation course I managed to reduce stress noticeably.”

Describe your weaknesses as possible strengths. For example, “I tend to be very passionate about my work, I feel frustrated when others do not share my enthusiasm” or “I am a perfectionist, and I often waste time on small details”.

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