Kambua Defends Herself For Marrying A ‘Young’ Husband

Gospel singer Kambua has revealed that her fans should not bother about the big age difference between herself and her hubby Martin Mathu.

According to her fans, they think that the Nasimama hit maker married a man who should be at the age of her own dad.

But Kambua says that they are within the same decade, so he is infact younger than they think he is old.


We are barely a decade apart he and i. Even if he was 20 or 30, if he was the one who chose me i would still love him and it still would not matter what people say. I know people will have an opinion over everything, does he have children? They will have an opinion, they will not like it.”

“My husband is the best thing that has happened to me. He has white hair which i really love and because he has white hair people say he is so old.”


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