Kenya Police Salaries In 2019

Many Kenyans wish to join Kenya Police service due to the title and power the jobs brings to an individual.

Besides status, the profession is prestigious due to the fact that they can legally carry guns and offer self protection to their loved ones.

However, when it comes to salary packages and their welfares, police as a profession giving nothing to smile about.

Just like other professions in Kenya, policemen and women earn earn according to the ranks and education level.

Thinks were made slightly better for the men and women in uniform who risk their lives to keep Kenyans safe when their salaries were awarded with 100% increase in 2015.

Here is how things look for them as for 2019 basic salary remunerations

  1. Kenya police constable – sh. 32,880
  2. Corporals – Ksh 42, 660.
  3. A constable – sh 45, 540
  4. Senior sergeants – Sh50,220.
  5. Police inspector – Sh53,820.
  6. Ass. Superintendent of police – Sh70,530.
  7. A Superintendent – Ksh Sh73,020
  8. A Senior superintendent – Sh85,890.
  9. Assistant inspector-general of police – Sh187,890.
  10. A senior assistant inspector-general – Sh274,890
  11. The Inspector General of Police – Sh854,241.

Full details on the monthly salaries

Kenya Prison warders salary:

  1. Constable of Prisons -Sh. 20,987
  2. Corporal of Prisons – Sh. 28,671
  3. Sergeant of Prisons Sh. 31,737
  4. Senior Sergeant of Prisons- Sh. 33,903.
  5. Commissioner of Prisons earns Sh. 141,000- Sh. 127,000

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