Kenyan Celeb Dads Who Crossed The Thin Lines Of Parenting

Kenya celebrity has a click of best dads in the country, who don’t only turn up for their parenting duties, but show off that they are indeed proud to be fathers.

However, parenting is a complicated issue when it comes to father verses daughter and mother verses son.

Mothers and fathers should know the thin lines of parenting and always remember that their little ones are like robots, learning and practicing everything they pick from their parents.

Like the famous saying, if a mother goes to church every Sunday, very few of the family members will attend church, but is a dad goes to church on even a single Sunday, everyone in the house will be at the sanctuary.

Below are some of the parents in Kenyan celeb arena who likely crossed the fuzzy borders of parenting


In January 2019, Bahati was at the centre of debate after he uploaded a photo of himself and eldest daughter Mueni Bahati kissing.

It is the kind of kiss, that got his fans talking.

In the photo, he can be seen giving the kid a kiss on her lips.

Kenyans questioned whether it was right or wrong.

Bahati has on several occasions, spotted giving his daughters tight kisses.

In 2017, football legend David Beckham was also in bad light for giving same lip kiss often known as French Kiss


nalwengeism: Hiyo kiss yako kwa mtoto iwe ya mwisho! Be disciplined!

shilamabwai: Will like to see the same kiss on her mum

nythan_blessing: Saitan..!!!!!!!!! How can you do this and you post it? When you have money go back to school and learn some ethics.

jakayesu: Unafundisha mtoto tabia mbaya. SAA zile atataka kiss itakua ako primary ama secondary school ama campo but morally u will not do it atatafuta boyfriend mapemaaaaa. Anyway ni wako,

King Kaka

In 2017, around April 28, Kenya’s top rapper King Kaka was bashed online for giving her daughter a very deep kiss.

The father to two daughters from different mothers, Nana and singer Sage. His daughter With Nana, Gweth, was the one on spot of controversy .

He posted the viral photo and captioned it :

Yaani hizi fisi zimeeanza mapema. Just me with my Princess @gwethgeezy.”

The photo received a huge backlash from his fans at large.

Barrack Obama

Former US President kissed Sasha Obama in 2009 when Sasha was just 8 years.

The viral incident happened just when Obama had been declared President elect at train trip at the train station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania January 17, 2009.

Zari Hassan

Another one to mention, is Uganda’s top model and singer Zari Hassan, who was married to Tanzania’s bongo star Diamond.

She was also in hot soup for her French kiss with her daughter with Diamond Tiffah Dangote


Nameless would be one to watch, and maybe say that his was not to specific, but close enough to the boundaries.

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