Kenyan Celebs Reveal How Hackers Are Stealing Their Social Media Accounts

It has become a norm, a Kenyan celebrity’s social media account has been hacked.

Wonder how the hackers gain access to their accounts so easily ? The surprise is that they don’t need magic to fully take control of a top celeb account.

What they do is to understand ones mind and play around it for their own benefit.

They do so by exploiting the loop holes in those accounts.

A recent revelations by several celebs in Kenya has proved that these tricks from hackers actually do work.

What these Kenyan celebs lack is knowledge about security and how to avoid falling victim.

Here are scrupulous methods used by some of the dangerous hackers

Advert deals

A strange account will inbox, claiming that they got advert and need them o promote on their social accounts.

But under the texts, somewhere there are links to which they are duped to click and sign into them as a means of registering into dangerous sites that will easily fish their account details. Sooner than later the account is gone

Copyright infringement

Again, another common act from hackers, launch a claim that one celeb has violated copyright acts, and require the celeb to launch complain through another unknown site, and the same thing happens

Share content

This one is promising, asking celebs to sign into another site and post their content their for mileage.

Remember you are signing into a dangerous site


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