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Kenyan Celebs Who Got New Lavish Cars In 2021

The year 2021 has been tough and not many Kenyans got to enjoy its bitter fruits

But despite it , few Kenyans who are supper rich were able to buy luxury cars


Rapper Nonini is balling in 2021. Recently in April the rapper recently flaunted a newly acquired Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

The car would cost between Ksh. 8 million to Ksh.15 million.

Congratulations Nonini

Shaffie Weru

Radio presenter and former Kiss 100 host Shaffie Weru celebrated his first born’s birthday in a classical way.

The lucky daughter Milan Ree who was turning 16 years old got herself a brand new car from the Jeep motor makers.

Milan will now be behind the new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon which goes for about KSh 3 million.

Debbie Asila and Shaffie got Milan in 2005.


Radio Africa’s Kiss 100 host and Kenyan comedian Phelix Odiwuor is a proud owner of another deluxe machine behind his garage.

Jalango who is the host of The Morning Kiss with Kamene Goro is believed to be earning a monthly salary close to 1 million announced that he ordered the car from abroad through a Kenyan based car import agency .

He made the interesting news via his Instagram account

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo took to her social media in April 2021, to show off her new car of the year.

Despite the pandemic hitting second and third wave in 2021, Betty Kyallo was balling.

The anchor no doubt has enough money to she earns from her business empire and she can comfortably own such a beautiful car.

KTN anchor and former K24 news cast Betty Kyallo does not only fancy beauty and fashion, but she also has a test for speed machine and off road monsters.

Recently, in 2021, she seems to be enjoying her latest catch, a Toyota Landcruiser that is definitely a monster on the road.

The silver car features huge tires on black heavy duty rims, besides a tough nose protected by heavy duty bars

Check the photos below

Carol Radul

Arguably the biggest female fanatic of football in Kenya, Carol Radull remains a big icon in Kenyan football matters.

And just recently, she showed off her German machine, a Voxwagen offroad car, doing her home chores in Bondo, Nyanza region.

Carol posted …

If I want to go to the shamba with my winter boots; German massine, gold watch and take a forro on my #S21 then that’s MY issue! My nails are full of mud and soil; I am sweating because the hustle is real but Being Luo is a Lifestyle ??#aGirlFromBondo


On 4th September in 2021, Kirinyaga woman representative Wangui Ngirici and her husband Andrew Ngirici turned up in style for their daughter’s 21st birthday.

Tanya, the lucky daughter, could not her joy and tears of happiness as she hugged her parents during the memorable moment.

Wangui Ngirici would later share the events with her fans on her social media platforms.

Tanya my daughter , You are a blessing In our lives. You make me proud as a mother . You are our pride . Happy birthday.


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