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Kenyan Celebs Who Learnt Their Divorce Via Social Media

Social media has been good and bad for celebs in equal measure, those who have failed, have done and and come down rambling so big













And when it came to love, especially on the marriage, social media has been a huge memeber of any relationship.

We look at some of the celebs who announced their break up with their lovers on social media, or rather dumped them through social media


After Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial, Zari and Diamond had a very rough time in love, which prompted Diamond to post online that Zari had abandoned him for another man, Diamond looked like he was dumping her, but few days later were seen together














Prezzo and Yola were on and off marriage handle, the marriage looked like it was on some kind of electric charge which was unstable. later on he announced that he and Mitchelle Yola were done on social media

3.Colonel Mustafa










Mustafa gave Marya a rude shock on social media after he dumped her for Huddah Monroe, the two never went so far though because we all know what Huddah is all about


















His break up with his lover Wholper went on fuel when he posted pictures with a caucasian skin girl. Which he even bragged about having a kid with, all this was made to public and Wholper via social media






















He left his new wed for another woman without giving it even a second thought. He had just wedded a week earlier, but the former MC and radio host is just a no nonsense when it comes to love

6.Kamene Goro

New NRG Radio host Kamene Goro revealed the details of her WhatsApp dumping from her old and elderly ex-husband.

The 25 year old former Ebru News host revealed that she was called from South Africa by her then hubby who was 50 years old, that nothing was going to happen between them, and she should forget about anything that had so far happened for them.

She was then at the French embassy waiting for a Visa to go for French Open tournament.

“This man who was twice my age and I was 25 then called me on WhatsApp and told me that it was not working out between the two of us. The humiliation was that he called me on WhatsApp, a free calling service,” Kamene narrated during the NRG morning breakfast show.

Kamene’s main wedding was expected to take place in Italy, Genoa after a pre-wedding show in Arusha, Tanzania.

Photos of her man on social media has been deleted since the break-up .

The today’s 26 year old unmarried woman noted that she is now proud of her status.


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