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Kenyan Celebs Who Were High-Schoolmates Then And Became Workmates Today

As they say, this world is a circle or rather a small world. What this simply means is that the earth is small and what goes around comes around.

The person you met today, is the same you will meet tomorrow.

And those who are lucky , have their paths cross in the most unique way possible.

Here are Kenyan celebs who schooled in the same high school and went ahead to work together in future, which is indeed today.

Waihiga Mwaura And Ann Kiguta

Perhaps the most surprising turn of event falls on Waihiga Mwaura and Ann Kiguta.

The two went to  Rusinga School  and were actually deskmates and went ahead to work as anchors at Citizen TV owned by Royal Media Services.

Waihiga and Kiguta would even go ahead to be co-anchors.

Former Citizen TV anchor Jacky Maribe also, was a product of State House Girls.

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro also went to Rusinga school.

Janet Mbugua and Almasi

Former Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua and former Machachari actor Almasi attended Brookhouse High School, one of the Swanky high schools in Nairobi.

The duo would go ahead and meet at Citizen TV, Janet worked as an anchor while Almasi as an actor

Size 8, Edith Kimani and Michelle Morgan

One of Kenya’s top gospel artist Linet Muraya aka Size 8 started her secondary school education at State House Girls before moving to Hillcrest on a scholarship. 

Also Edith Kimani who is a DW reporter also went to Hillcrest via a scholarship.

Similarly former Citizen TV’s business news anchor Michelle studied at Hillcrest School in Nairobi. Their fee is estimated at around Sh727, 800.

Jeff Koinange and Lupita Nyongo

Jeff and Lupita both went to St. Mary’s Nairobi. It is the same school that President Uhuru Kenyatta attended also.

Jeff and Lupita would go ahead to be media personalities.

More on the list

Kabsabet High School

David Rudisha – an athletee

Deputy President Dr. William Samoe Ruto

Nairobi School




They are both musicians

Starehe Boys

Musalia Mdavadi

Ken Akoth

Peter Kenneth

Senior Chief Koinange School


Inspector mwala

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