Kenyans Tear Nigerians Apart On Twitter

Kenyans on twitter are crazy creatures. They can start ‘war’ from nothing and it will trend for days even what you never expected to. Yesterday, Kenyans started the trend #KenyaVsNigeria in what seemed to be a joke but more than 10 hours later, its still trending.

And as usual, Kenyans have savagely attacked our brodas from West Africa. They have beaten them 10nil. Nigerians seem not to be conversant with such and here are hilarious tweets that everyone is laughing about

aaaaaaaaaaaaa kenya fight3 kenya4 kenya5 Kenya-vs-NigeRear-10 Kenya-vs-NigeRear-13 nigeria1 Nollywood-typical roasting11 Screen_Shot_2015_10_30_at_8_24_19_AM t7_7042016 waiting-for-kenya-222x300

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