Khalwale’s Sugarcane-plantation Has A Car Instead Of ‘Mercury ‘

Ex- Kakamega senator and Kakamega gubernatorial aspirant Boni Khalwale has left net-citizens wondering whether he lives in the same county with his citizens.

Malinya, his local area,Β  punctuated with muddy and grass thatched houses, is where you run into his posh palace he probably blew tax payers ,money to raise it up.

Besides, he has a Toyota Hilux 4WD, meant to flash through muddy roads of his area. The ride could escalate to 5 million depending on its mileage.

The western politician based has been blamed for leading a flashy lifestyle while his voters languish in poverty.

But it is his post that raised eye brows where his followers claimed not to see a sugarcane plantation as he stated in the post.


Problem sorted

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