Kisumu Women Salivates Over The Goodies Of City Millionaire Joe Kariuki

Kisumu slum women were treated to rare kings occasion when the CEO of Amsha Mama Initiative, Joe Kariuki payed an impromptu visit.

The empowerment program kicked off from Kibuyu market where a woman’s stock of charcoal was increased by one sack.

The same script was applied to Kondele women who sell different cereals and vegetables.

Creative artists also had a reason to smile as they were also uplifted.

The process reached far and wide as women who sell fish, a major commodity in Kisumu region, were given cooking oil. The same applied to chapati and chips vendors.

Amsha Mama is an initiative which helps women with financial difficulties in Micro Business to ‘Amsha Women’- Wake Up Women. The women can then have a good platform for their business to grow up.

The event dubbed ‘Amsha Mama Kisumu’ is thus happening in Kisumu this coming 4th, June 2016.

Earlier before some women had taken to their heels when Joe Kariuki stormed the open market business. They had thought that Joe Kariuki was one of the city council hawk-eyed askaris who was in to arrest them.

Check out the photos

IMG-20160519-WA0026 IMG-20160519-WA0024 IMG-20160519-WA0022 IMG-20160519-WA0020 IMG-20160519-WA0018

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